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New Gal, New Life: Duane “Dog” Chapman



COACH MIKE BAYER: Welcome back to “Always Evolving” with me coach Mike, today you can’t escape us and if you do we will know how to find you because today we have one of the most recognized bounty hunters in the world joining us, Duane Dog Chapman. Dog became a superstar when he took his talents to TV and created two hit series for eleven seasons on “A&E”, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and “Dog & Beth: On the Hunt”. In 2019, Dog faced some tragedy when his wife Beth passed away from cancer, today Dog joins us and will be talking to us about his journey since then, welcome.

DUANE “DOG” CHAPMAN: Thank you sir. Thank you very much.

MIKE: Where are you right now?

DUANE: I’m in “Colorado” up in the mountains.

MIKE: It’s beautiful.

DUANE: Oh thank you very much. Thought you’d like the background.

MIKE: Yeah the background’s amazing. It looked, you got a bird feeders and everything hanging out behind you.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah, see—oh yeah you got to feed the wildlife. There’s a lot of wildlife coming down because a lot of people of course haven’t been in the mountains, so the bears are coming down uh, mountain lions, I’ve never seen here. We got a picture of one of three cubs. A lot of nature is coming down towards uh, the cities and the mountains right now. The lower mountain levels.

MIKE: And what is “Dog’s” favorite thing about nature? Like what animal, plant, anything?

DUANE “DOG”: Well I like all animals. I think I’m ha—because of my heritage Chiricahua Apache, I’m half, so I think that the bear, the wolf, you know things like that that protect uh, uh, plants I like? I have a funny story probably couldn’t tell at your show but about why a hoarder culture is, it kind of enthuses me so I, I like a plants also. Anything that grows indoors.

MIKE: You say you could tell or couldn’t tell?

DUANE “DOG”: No, I probably shouldn’t tell.

MIKE: Oh no, why is that?

DUANE “DOG”: ‘Cause it’s terrible.

MIKE: Can you tell me?

DUANE “DOG”: Sorry to tell you, okay. So I was twenty-two or three and I was in prison in Texas for two years. Well right at the very last, I was really good Warden’s Barber so they said, we’ll give you a job in the free world uh, you can pick holding electrical lines up for trucks to drive on them. There were seven or eight things so one said hoarder culture and so I picked the horticulture, so when I went to class there were all these guys there and I was like, to the boss where’s the whores at? I said, what is this ‘cause I’ve seen movies where they integrate you back from prison and give your girls that had uh, (UNITELLIGIBLE) etcetera and so I swear I thought that’s what it was and the guard laughter so loud that I said, please I can’t do this. He goes oh yeah, you’re doing it. So I had to take horticulture for six months.

MIKE: Oh my god and you really thought it would be a line of whore not uh—


MIKE: What did you—

DUANE “DOG”: I came a long way brother.

MIKE: Wow. What—so what did you learn in those six months?

DUANE “DOG”: Well how to plant, you know how to plant. How to recognize different seed diseases, bugs, this and that, so.

MIKE: Wow so—I know you’ve come a really came a long way done a total 180 in your life, um, and looking back in your life now, so what was kind of that first of all if you can share a little bit about why you were getting in trouble or not hanging around with the right people and then what was kind of critical moment that changed that for you?

DUANE “DOG”: Well they uh, uh, authority being abused by my father physically, uh you know really bad. Not punching but with a belt, bare pants, again I couldn’t shower in gym like my legs were black and blue every day. So that built uh, you know kind of a revengeful spirit and then my mother was Christian. So I had that pumped into me, thank god, and you know there was always a fight going on. What stopped it was I hit the penitentiary and I’m like there is no girls here. This is the worst place I’ve ever seen in my life, there’s people the guys that killed their own mother. I said, this is, this is the end of the rainbow in this life of crime, you know you can stick all them harley’s you know where because this is not what they told me it was like, so I was rehabilitating because of punishment. I’m not going back, never wanted god it’s not that you could do that uh, can equals the punishment that carries it so.

MIKE: Well I know you went to jail in Mexico.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah.

MIKE: How did that, how did that compare to going to prison in Texas?

DUANE “DOG”: Well I went to jail in Mexico ‘cause we robbed, we robbed his soul. We arrested the guy for 87 counts of rape, so we were on the right side. I knew that when I caught him there would be you know, but I was on the right side of the law. Now opposed to a wrong side of the law, you know way back in the day, but uh, and you know god was merciful the Mexicans finally dropped charges on us because they realized that the guy allegedly could have been down there and raping their girls. You know he didn’t change his M.O. he still had G.H.P. when we caught him and blah, blah, blah. So you know we do a lot of that now. I mean we’re going after the world’s like child’s molestation and we’re going we’re going after the worst of the worst now ‘cause this is my last quarter.

MIKE: When—so, yeah I mean that kind of for everyone I went down to Mexico and the irony is you did the best thing possible for humanity. You actually did good and then the irony is it wasn’t a bounty hunting isn’t allowed in Mexico so that’s why they didn’t put you in jail but you actually did the best thing ever by catching him because he was shipped out the U.S., right?

DUANE “DOG”: Well you can make a citizen arrest, okay? So we, we weren’t bootlegging him back to United States because we knew that was illegal and so what we were on, we were two blocks from the police department. On the way to the cop shop the tapes and records all show that that’s what got us released you know finally believed that we weren’t hijacking some guy out of another country. We were taking him to the cop shop to claim the reward and finally the truth came out, but you know uh, it take two to three years just like America for justice to be served in Mexico.

MIKE: So why do you think that you got into being—I mean you basically have bought bounty—being a bounty hunter mainstream. I mean a lot of us never heard of it before. We knew it went on…

DUANE “DOG”: Right.

MIKE: …but…

DUANE “DOG”: Well—

MIKE: …what drove you towards it?

DUANE “DOG”: What made me go toward that? Well again, you know not credit to prison for everything, but uh. I, I realized why you know what am I doing in a place like this? I am not like some of this. What the heck? And so one day I was uh, in prison and I had to uh catch a guy that was breaking out and when the lieutenant ran up behind me said, hook him up bounty hunter, and then the warden called me in and said you know, they’re gonna kill you; we got to ship you ‘cause you caught warden’s barber I was at a high position there. The met—the most inmate he could ever trust was me. And so we got to ship you ‘cause you ran down another inmate. I said, no, no, no I saved his life. Big foot couldn’t run. I said, they’re gonna kill him dead so uh, the Muslims came to me that night said why would you do that? And my best friend was black said, ‘cause he don’t care. He said, apache saved big foots life. So in the morning uh, the warden said well if you’re alive through the night, we’ll let you stay. So in the morning, I woke up and outside my cell were uh, cigarettes, candy bars, stamps, envelopes, pens. The warden called me in and said they given you a love offering “Dog” and made me inmate counselor and so I became “Dog the Bounty Hunter” than “Dog” disciple and then I got out and met Tony Robbins like real quick and uh, I realized man if I want to be something, I gotta be something better than anything else in the world. Because I made a terrible mistake, and I’m gonna do this, and there ain’t no bounty hunters left. The only ones I saw were on television and I knew I studied it and I said, I can go after these guys and catch them and talk to them and tell them listen you idiots. Stop this, you know it—I and I just was not uh, didn’t wanted to be one. I was called to be a bounty hunter 42 years this February. Uh, 8,000 arrest and not uh, I had to be the best of ever there could be, I’m so spoiled. I need so much attention you know I just—I loved to be—I’m like you rattled too. I looked you up; I love you. We love to be loved, we need more attention. I turn the light on at night in my car to wave at people and if you love like that people then you love to be loved, so I had to find something people loved me on, you know? I had to fight—

MIKE: And that—

DUANE “DOG”: (INAUDIBLE) enough to be a hero about.

MIKE: And that was almost like before television people knew you were a hero in your circles then you do television and… was any of that really hard for you; all the attention that you got?

DUANE “DOG”: No I—my friend Red he lives here in Denver. We’ve known each other since the fourth grade and Red’s a year older than me so—a year ago, they interviewed him here. The “Westword Magazine” it’s said, Red, has “Dog” changed since he’s got famous and all that and Red said, listen he’s been a legend in his own mind since we were kids! So uh, you know it’s not—I expected it, but I expected it. I wanted to—I had a goal to make, you know? I think I started by acting good and then I became and then I, I started when people walked down the street no one would say “Hi”. And I made sure that I was gonna be the guy that when I was young people said you know whenever “Dog” walks he’s always talking to people, tell them “Hi”. I still do that. So I think that’s what made me start getting out there and that I had a dream, you know of becoming on television and having uh, friends and people love me and “Dog” makes people listen about law enforcement and uh, you know I arrested a lot of guys but I never beat one of them. Eight thousand. I arrested some need-beat but um, I think you know it’s a God thing. I thank God called me to be this and thank god I listen to him about it.

MIKE: And are you available for hire? Like people can call your company now if there’s—

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah, we’re we have a new show. We had three networks, okay? The last network was “Dog’s Most Wanted”, with“WGN”. “WGN” sold. We broke all records, now I’m not just saying “Dog” you know, not me, we, the family. So it was about Beth and her final days, right? So now we have the show, we’re all back together, because when a tragedy like that happens in your family it does—you gotta pull together. And so it’s called “Dog’s Dirty Dozen” and uh, we’re—you can’t. We can barely do arrests with the virus right now, so Hollywood’s shut down so once it opens up, we’re coming back with the last and it’s all—I got two grandkids that are in their twenties that are bounty hunting. It’s just like uh, you know in sports, the, the father or mother are great sports people and then the kid follows behind them in boxing you know, same thing. Uh, it’s the same thing in bounty hunting. You do—it’s the same thing with cops, it’s the same thing political, so your parents are a big reflection, so the kids I wanna do one more that just you know, that uh, we—you’d out to see some of the equipment. We arrested a guy the other day, we have all this different stuff, right? You go oh my God, you can hear them breathe and he goes “Dog” you’re cheating.

MIKE: Cheating? What do you mean cheating?

DUANE “DOG”: ‘Cause I’m using too much technology.

MIKE: Oh! Do you guys also do undercover stuff or is that just the nature of doing? You know, like you guys must have intensive technology in terms of—

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah it’s just undercover most of this stuff, okay? It is.

MIKE: Yeah.

DUANE “DOG”: A guy—a wife will hire you to follow the husband all right? Eighty-five precent the guys are guilty, and you got to get pictures and take them to the wife and they go, oh my God. And you feel like, oh my God I feel so bad for you know, killing this lady with info. So I, I did that when I was young; I don’t do that. Uh finding lost kids, so many, so many laws about juvenile that you know, it would probably get to it more, but right now there’s a lot of pedophiles that are—that wanted in every single state. And that’s when you, you, you know physically hurt a baby. That—when you catch someone like that, okay? Inside of you, you feel so good. Not only do you catch the guy, because the guy needs you know, locked up in hell, so you feel so good that you know you change lives and that child one day is gonna remember probably and know that “Dog” Chapman and his family got that sucker, you know what I mean? So it, it—I notice 40 years of doing it, it means a lot to go after uh, someone that really deserves to be put away.

MIKE: Yeah, you know it’s—you and I have something in common about a year ago, I got requested to go to Dubai, or Abu Dhabi or something like that and they were willing to pay me crazy money…

DUANE “DOG”: Three hundred—

MIKE: …private jet—yeah $300,000…

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah.

MIKE: …and I was bringing it—I was actually showing it to “Dr. Phil” and he’s like, and “Dr. Phil” was saying to me, he’s like, well you don’t go until you get paid and you got to make sure that they’re legit or whatever. And it was almost too good to be true.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah.

MIKE: And I literally had this moment where I’m like, you know I’m on “Dr. Phil”, I’m like God the shakes must love “Dr. Phil Show” like, why are they going to pay me $300,000, you know?

DUANE “DOG”: Right.

MIKE: And, and then he actually forwarded me an email, because you essentially busted kind of their scam that they had going on.


MIKE: And those same people, by you busting that scam it actually help give me relief that these people were just phonies and frauds.

DUANE “DOG”: Boy they were good, weren’t they?

MIKE: They’re so good!

DUANE “DOG”: Oh they were good bra, and I—you know Beth had just passed away so I—no one’s, no one’s ever asked me about this, but I’ll tell you. Beth had just passed away, so I put my team on it. And I was going three hundred grand is a lot of money to me homie. And I was like, Jesus, Beth, oh thank you Bethy, what the hell? No I was like where could it have come from, right? And then Alan Nevins who is Goldie Hawn’s manager, plus, plus, plus. He’s my book manager, so he calls me and goes, wait a minute. ‘Cause they sent him money; they sent him a check, everything. Two hundred grand.

MIKE: Me too.

DUANE “DOG”: It was the greatest scam and then I thought you and I, I heard that they tried to get you too. They did get a couple of celebrity girls, you know? And it’s usually they had a tragedy in their life where their mind is a little weak then they attack which you know brilliant, right?

MIKE: Yeah.

DUANE “DOG”: I thought that the prince was gonna invite me and you down there…

MIKE: Yeah.

DUANE “DOG”: …anyway, I’m like, you know? Because we—

MIKE: How about the wardrobe budget? I was like--

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah!

MIKE: I’m wearing “Versa”—I‘m like I’m wearing “Versace” to this thing, it’s like a ten thousand dollar wardrobe budget. I’m literally, I’m literally had a moment where I’m like, oh my God, I made it.


MIKE: Like—

DUANE “DOG”: You know what I thought? He and his wife alleged this is we’re having problems and his kids, she took them, right? And was across the street of the” Queen’s Palace”, right? So I thought, oh my God he’s gonna hire e to go snatch the kids back. Oh my God, oh no, right? And I have two friends the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) that I uh, posted back in the eighties bail bonds on. They were (UNINTELLIGIBLE) nephews, they came to America to go to school, got into a fist fight, put them in jail. I got them both out uh, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) talked to me during the nutty crazy airplane all that, right? The feds of Department of Justice came to my door, what are you doing talking to these guys so I thought (UNINTELLIGIBLE) had set it up for me you know and yeah that was—I know they got a lot people for a lot of money.

MIKE: Yeah because they would send—the scam was they would send you this check and it would actually appear that it was deposited into your account.

DUANE “DOG”: Right.

MIKE: But it was only really it would be taken back out in like 48 hours.

DUANE “DOG”: Well they—

MIKE: And they were wanting—

DUANE “DOG”: You’d deposit it was good. Then—

MIKE: Right.

DUANE “DOG”: It takes a day to cash it, well the next morning they’d take it out, so who ever went to cash it, boom.

MIKE: Yup.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah, it’s really—I mean real smart, smart, but not that intelligent.

MIKE: Yeah. Yeah it was um, I was—it was definitely uh—I felt bad for you because your wife had just passed away and I’m like, they’re going after this guy who’s wife just passed away you know? And basically trying to say, here you go, here’s a generous huge gift and then here you are thinking it’s Beth in heaven going like here you go, I aligned this up for you.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah. I thought wow and you know still to I had uh, I had to put a lot together to get uh, the feds to check it out ‘cause they’re busy with terrorist, you know what I mean?

MIKE: Mm hm.

DUANE “DOG”: They’re so under uh, the feds are just they’re too busy to do anything like that, any kind of money thing and somebody’s bleeding they’ll do it. But so yeah, I was sad. I’m glad you didn’t get burned either.

MIKE: Now that you’re uh, you’re more in isolation now in Colorado or up in the hills so to speak, what brings you the most joy in your life today? When you’re not working and you’re not, just when you’re chillin’?

DUANE “DOG”: Well I’m uh, a hunter you know, I take pictures; I don’t kill them, and I fish and I do eat those. So I love uh, Colorado the mountains just incredible to see critters and to go up, it’s to ten or fifteen degrees cooler than it is in the city and the fishing I love to do that with the kids. I have a lot of family here, a lot—some of my kids are in Hawaii. Lin’s in Alabama, but a lot are here and you know I have a new uh, woman that is a very good Christian and like she ain’t just like say the blessing kind of Christian; this is a real Christian. So spending time with her and you know talking and—

MIKE: How did you, how did you meet her?

DUANE “DOG”: Oh, a long story but she uh, she was at a thing in Arizona and I was in Hawaii and this—her girlfriend said, Christian, they go to this—they were at this Christian camp. You know they were all like almost walking on water, right? And so the girl is like, listen you—Beth Chapman just died. And she goes—Francie goes, oh really? I’m sorry from what? Cancer. Well Francie had lost her husband six months before Beth past and so uh, the girl goes—Francie goes, well who’s Beth Chapman? Was “Dog” Chapman’s wife. Who’s “Dog” Chapman? ‘Cause Francie’s got a TV that she don’t watches, she’s a farmer; rancher. And so uh, they’re busy all the time, so the girl said, listen uh, God just told me you’re gonna meet this guy and Francie’s like, number one he needs a haircut. Number two, if I—I swear she says this too. If I met him, I think I’ll be harmed and it’s kidding, right? So…

MIKE: Yeah, yeah.

DUANE “DOG”: Six months down the road, I need my driveway done in Denver. It’s all full of—no one’s been here in a year, so it’s big holes. They got to come, I’m thinking two to three hundred bucks and level it out right? It’s mud; dirt. And so I ask my neighbor, who do you know? They—he—she—he said some guy named Bob. So I call up Bob, leave a message. I get a call back from Francie, she goes hi Dug, and I go, go ahead. Hi this is Francie’s Bob’s wife and I go, oh that’s right I called your husband for the driveway and she goes, well I’m very sorry but Bob passed away and a lot of people don’t know that and all of a sudden I went, oh my God, my wife passed away too! And I was like—it was like de—you know, days, and I like started ballin’ and I’m like, I’m sorry ma’am. And I go, and by the way lady I’m not Dug, my name is “Dog” Chapman, “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, and then one day I was all bandaged up and I had to go get surgery all over me and I was all messed up and I prayed to God and said, listen this is it. Enough. In the bible it says, for God does not want a man to be alone and then I looked more at Adam and Eve and I thought Adam woke up and there was foxy momma and that’s not what happened. God said, you go to sleep, you’ve been naming all these animas all day and you go to sleep and he woke him up the next day and said, Adam I got a surprise for ya’, look what I got. And Adam said, oh my God—so I told God, I don’t gotta look. I gotta have somebody that Beth would approve that you know my gene pool wasn’t you know too many Christians. That Beth would approve of not getting mad at because what if this happened to me? And I laughed and Beth had to you know, get another husband and who’s twenty-one years old, she can’t be a widow forever and so uh, I told God, find me. So I asked Francie to come have coffee because I was, I was hurting. I wanted to cry with some lady that knew what I was talking about. Never thinking nothing, how would I even scheme on a farmer? How would I get—


DUANE “DOG”: (UNINTELLIGIBLE)? What do I even say to them, right? Hey baby (SPEAKS SPANISH) right? What do I say, so I didn’t even think about it. So we met and then she said, you wanna go on a date? You want to go to church and I said… you know, wow, that’s kind of strange going to uh, a date on church and then I went to church. And I was holding her hand and the cue and it—cupid shot me in the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) with an arrow. And I start—and I just was like, if Beth—if I was—and here’s how I say it and I had Bethy twenty something years, if I weren’t here and Christian man came to Beth and said, I would love you forever Beth Chapman, I believe in God that I love you and teach you God. I would say Beth Chapman you go with him and as a matter of fact, I’d would step out of the way. So I had to watch what I did because I loved Beth and I just could not be alone, I can’t do that. Francie I can’t get away with nothing. She made me quit smoking, I pray every day, I pray all day, I just be—you know, I gotta have that. ‘Cause I’m, I’m an Indian outlaw. I got to have that power of God on me, right? I’m—I got it with Francie.

MIKE: And does your family—and when she comes into the family with your kids it’s almost like how does the role—‘cause you all had roles, right? Beth had such a role in the family.

DUANE “DOG”: Right. Well my daughters are the worst, you know? Uh and they’ve attacked a few, but they met Francie and baby Lyssa loves her, everyone loves her, uh you know everything is uh, kosher like that. The boys get you know, dad, whoever you like if they love you we love them. But the girls are very—uh, even my granddaughters are great. The grandson loves her, so they love the fact of what she stands for, who she is you know and so on and so forth, right?

MIKE: Yeah was gonna say it’s possibly they’re pretty protective over you and everyone grieves differently and because Beth had such a role when a new person comes in, you know everyone so unique, everyone has their own personality and it just takes time…

DUANE “DOG”: Oh yeah.

MIKE: … to really get to know…


MIKE: …someone.

DUANE “DOG”: Absolutely, and, and the stronger your personality is, okay? When you start going down it’s a heavier fall so, you know I, I watch psychological what happens to other widowers and try to dodge all those things, you know what I mean? Okay I won’t go into depression, I won’t do this, I will not drink at all, which I—God if I drank I’d be crying. (SFX) So there’s a lot of things that I watch and I couldn’t do, so the kids were like, dad you’re—you know this is grief, dad you can’t you know and they, there was a couple that I was like you know, talking to wondering about and they jumped on them. Said, get away from my daddy. You know?

MIKE: Wow.

DUANE “DOG”: So uh, yeah they’re—you know I got crazy kids, they don’t teach Sunday school, they take down (UNINTELLIGIBLE) you know these are nuts, these kids and there’s this—

MIKE: How many kids do you have?

DUANE “DOG”: It’s like a pack—I have eleven that are alive, two’s in heaven.

MIKE: So you’re kids—so you have certain kids of yours, you have eleven kids and, and two passed away? I know one passed away when she—from, from a car accident.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah she was 24 and then I lost a baby boy that’s 30 days old. The young—the smallest baby in 1979, Zebadiah Chapman, the smallest baby ever lived, ever. In the world, he weighed one pound and he lived 30 days and he got—I just kind of—he just got too sick, you know? But he lived. He made history. Uh, but now uh, nine of them are with me—no eight of them are with me in the business. And then the grandkids they’re—Leland’s grandson and uh, they’re there you know they’re all bounty hunting and we’re getting uh, start shooting again.

MIKE: So you’re saying there’s eight of them with you which mean one is not with you. The one that’s not, what are they doing?

DUANE “DOG”: Well I have two, one was a gen—no kids of mine are in jail, but two of my oldest, oldest I had while I was 15, is uh, beats up trunks and goes to jail. You know hurt nobody, he’s a stoop. So he’s out for about seven months, I told him, why don’t you stay out for two to three years, I’ll hook up with ya’, right now go prove it. The other one is Tucker, he has been in many years in Hawaii with seventeen and him and uh, him and uh, guard from OCC the prison robbed a Japanese tourist with a B.B. gun. Tucker got 20 years in Hawaii. So Tucker’s been in and out of 17 of those. He was 17, so uh, he’s out. The other’s uh, most every other one is in the business or working like Bonnie Joe does, she uh, does computer stuff and tracks like them on that on the “Facebook” and blah, blah, blah. She’ll go with us in the field once in a while, but we need one who can go track them through “Facebook”, “Twitter”, uh, Bonnie Joe—I mean there’s so much technology, it is kind of cheating. Catching the bad guys now.

MIKE: Well, so you have another show that’s gonna come out once you’re able to start filming again.

DUANE “DOG”: Yes sir.

MIKE: And, and you also if anybody wanted a birthday from you, they just go to Cameo, where you give like uh, you give someone a shout out on that, right?

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah, I love that. You know I—that’s fun for me to do. If it—helps someone to do that uh, you know I, I’d like to do it, yeah. It’s, it’s uh fun.

MIKE: Awesome man, well listen I—you’re an inspiring guy, you march to your own beat, um, you have carved a path of that has taken your pain and struggle from when you were younger to a huge empire, really. Um, I’m—

DUANE “DOG”: Thank you.

MIKE: And it’s, it’s admirable and I just want to thank you for coming on “Always Evolving” and, and sharing your wisdom with all of us, I know I got a lot out of it, so we wish you and Francie a wonderful life together.

DUANE “DOG”: Oh thank you, and may I give you the secret, okay? and you’ll understand this of anybody, if we all just give in to others like we want them to do on to us.


DUANE “DOG”: I have done that with someone—I am the luckiest guy brother you’ll ever meet in your life. And I have always when it comes down to it, said, what would—if the shoe was on the other foot, what would I expect, what would I do? And darn it, 98% of the time I did the right thing and you know how karma some, some people say God’s nickname is Karma. So—

MIKE: Yeah, and they—they say karma never forgets an address.

DUANE “DOG”: Yeah, that hey man. Love you brother, thank you. Hope to see you face to face, yeah?

MIKE: All right brother talk to you soon. I’m, I’m sure we’ll meet up soon and thanks again

DUANE “DOG”: Yes sir, thank you very much. (SPEAKS POLYNESIAN).

MIKE: All right, for all of you out there definitely keep out of trouble or we know who to send looking for you. Do you like today’s show? Share with a friend and download and click that subscribe today. Thanks for listening and stay safe.