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Envisioning Your Life and The Law of Attraction



COACH MIKE BAYER: Welcome back to Always Evolving, where we are always evolving, make sure you click to subscribe and rate this bad boy. Hopefully you rate it well, but today we're going to be talking about law of attraction, envisioning taking time to start the day a certain type of way so you'll have plenty of time to play. Mm hmm. All right, let's get into it. I [00:00:30] know that a lot of people believe in what's called law of attraction, or if you think it can happen and some people that I've worked with stop thinking something can happen because they feel like, oh, I tried that or my dreams went away or whatever else. But what I have in front of me is a piece of paper and a pen. I also have Tony with me, who I talked to Tony in advance, and like when I do [00:01:00] these podcast episodes and may want you to be either a guinea pig or I'll be your guinea pig in some of these, because sometimes it's inspiring to hear other people that are in my life. So, Tony, I met a year ago at the gym. I met him at twenty four hour fitness and he recognized me from being in someone else's, like video or photo is that right Tony?


COACH MIKE BAYER: Tony is the first person when we met, he told me that he was an influencer. [00:01:30] So when I think I said, what is that






TONY DIRECTS: Yeah, I was like, oh, I make videos for social media and you were like, what's an influencer? And you're like I was like, Oh it's you know, someone makes funny videos and content and that's like the go to title for it.


COACH MIKE BAYER: And Tony has been instrumental in working with me like so basically he introduced me to tick tock, I had, I don't know, 60 followers and now I have over two hundred thousand in a lot of is [00:02:00] because the hell if I can figure out how to use that technology. But Tony is on that technology. He's also here at the house almost daily, even during covid. And I would say Tony was my emotional support human when I was going through different periods. And Tony is, you know. Has a partner, and I'm really [00:02:30] happy for you, and you've advanced in your life quite a bit, right?


TONY DIRECTS: Yeah, most definitely, I feel like since working with you, it's been been a lot of, a lot of good things have come and I think it's the people who you surround yourself with. Like if you surround yourself with successful people like yourself, then you're eventually going to become, start to become more and more successful, which I felt it. I feel it. I feel like I'm like, I feel like I'm Mike's sidekick where I'm like I'm I'm like a sponge. I'm [00:03:00] taking all the information and I'm learning a lot from him. So it's.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Well, and I learned a lot from you, and also I'm happy for you, you finally bought a truck, your own car, you're moving into an apartment. You're achieving more than you had envisioned maybe a year ago.








COACH MIKE BAYER: And you know. Part of it is, you know, and Tony is one of those people where it's just important that we surround ourselves with people who have [00:03:30] our best interests and also realizing that we all have strengths and we all have not weaknesses, but just we're all strong in certain areas of life and no one's perfect. And I'm just grateful to have a good team around me. But what I wanted to talk about today was this idea of you can attract what it is that you want, but what you want isn't so [00:04:00] literal. Like, I believe like if people are like, oh, my gosh, I want to win an NFL championship and some time in my life, well, some of a million others when they were little kids and it only happened for I don't know how many people are on a team, 80 people or something, you know, it's like. Doesn't happen for everyone, and and sometimes it's like, well, why do you want to attract that? Like, why is that important? Why do you believe that that's going to lead to a greater sense [00:04:30] of self or self esteem? And and how do you know the difference between, OK, I want to have more of this in my life and it's actually good for me and I want to have more of this in my life and it's not so good for me. And sometimes we believe what we need is more or better of something. And what I've started to do, and it only takes five minutes a day, is I start [00:05:00] to envision what it is that I want.


COACH MIKE BAYER: And because if for any of you who have anxiety, it's very easy to go through the day thinking about, oh did I say that, right? Or do I need to do this or what about that or what? What's going to happen there tomorrow or, oh, God, you know, it's like we get our own way, right. And it's how do you get a clean slate? And I always find a clean slate comes with a blank piece of paper. So I have a blank piece of paper [00:05:30] in front of me. Tony, grab a blank piece of paper or I'll give you one of the next one you on, OK? So and this is kind of how I am in my friendships is I love. I feel like a great way of connecting with others is doing activities that improve ourselves, so it's very common. I would have friends over and I would say, hey, let's all meditate or let's all write something out or let's all learn about this. And [00:06:00] so I think what my suggestion would be is doing this exercise for just five minutes a day. That's it. And what the exercise looks like, a blank piece of paper pen. Sitting still. And then after sitting still, writing now becomes you. So Tony and I are going to sit still for five minutes. Obviously, I'm not going to have you listen [00:06:30] to five minutes of silence. So I'm going to kick this back up and it's going to be fast forwarded or edited together so that you can catch after five minutes of us doing this. So. Why don't we both, before we meditate, write down what we wish we had more of? Or what we wish created more peace for ourselves or whatever it is, like, whatever we think [00:07:00] in our minds eye would create.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Better or more or less of something that we believe would make us feel more at ease. Next, we're going to take another piece of paper. And this is going to be the paper we're going to write out after meditating for five minutes. What I do, [00:07:30] by the way, is I turn on music when I meditate and I typically go for, there's DJ. I had him on the podcast named Lane Eight. If I want to feel very motivated and kind of in that direction, I'll turn on some Lane Eight. If I want to feel more of a, like, peace and serenity type of meditation, I'll turn turn on a producer, his names U one three seven. I actually just messaging them on Instagram about potentially coming on this [00:08:00] podcast because I just think it would be cool to talk to them about the sounds he creates and and I'd love to collaborate with them at some point because I just think this stuff is magical. So he has this one song called There's Two Songs I like. One is called Adam Forever. There's actually a lot of songs I like, but the other is called The Great Leap. And then with Lane Eight, there's a song, Sunday Song that always gets me in the mood. Tony, which direction you want to go? Do you want to go more if we're going for the peace attraction [00:08:30] or do you want more of the inspiration, attraction,


TONY DIRECTS: Inspiration and attraction.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Inspiration and direction?




COACH MIKE BAYER: Ok, so. I now I'm going to turn on lane eight. Because this song, Sunday Song, Tony,  heard me playing this song. How many times do you think I played this song since you've been with me in the last year?


TONY DIRECTS: Probably around 2,000 times.


COACH MIKE BAYER: And by the way, that's right. Only five percent of the time I've played it, I just find music gets us [00:09:00] it hits that part of our soul that you can't explain. So I'm going to play Sunday's song. All right. Let me find it, OK? So what we're going to do is we're just going to go for the whole song. Eyes closed, comfortable position,




COACH MIKE BAYER: And then we're going to
















COACH MIKE BAYER: Want to flip over the one piece of paper








COACH MIKE BAYER: Wrote on because we don't even want to see that






TONY DIRECTS: On the back


COACH MIKE BAYER: This. And I'll explain




COACH MIKE BAYER: Why. So flip it over. All right. OK, [00:09:30] so we're going to get into it. And the idea is thinking what












COACH MIKE BAYER: Envison. So now [00:13:30] let's write out, whatever we envisioned. So first list let's [00:14:00] just go premeditation. What was your list?


TONY DIRECTS: I listed to things, more money so that I can travel and more time to give to spend with my family.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Ok, and then what was it after meditating?


TONY DIRECTS: Travel the world.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Got it. You just envisioned traveling the world.


TONY DIRECTS: By myself. Just [00:14:30] alone. Because I don't know, I just. Never done it, never had that opportunity. I would love to do it.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Travel on, I do that for years, it's amazing. Yeah, you learn a lot about yourself.




COACH MIKE BAYER: And I would go to countries where they didn't speak English. So it forces you to, like, deal with your own feelings and thoughts and like navigating. It's fun.


TONY DIRECTS: That you just did it for like a long period of time




TONY DIRECTS: Or you just.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Like I would go to, like, you [00:15:00] know, Spain for 10 days or like, where yeah, sure there's some English speakers, but it's not it's not the primary language, you know.


TONY DIRECTS: That's amazing. Oh, my God, it sounds fun.


COACH MIKE BAYER: So that it just shifted in which one feels like more meaningful to you.


TONY DIRECTS: I mean, as much as I would I mean, I definitely want to spend more time with my family, but I think I'm in a selfish mindset where [00:15:30] I just tend to just travel. The world will just be everything.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Yeah, yeah, I wrote down so random before I wrote down less stress, new pool because my pool sunk a foot and the tile is like a disaster and I keeps running in my head. More discipline, be more in the moment and have more fun. Then I meditated, or we did it know, kind of envisioning and I pictured myself in a in [00:16:00] a refugee camp or some very underprivileged community. And dancing with the people and like creating like opportunity and I don't know, something in my head kept thinking I was giving someone a home, and that's just so amazing. To, like, be [00:16:30] in that adventure and then I don't know why, you know, like I believe this stuff works and part of it is we don't know why I went to dancing again. I pictured that I was with someone like a Latin dude, like I don't know if he's Colombian or Brazilian or something or like some Middle Eastern or whatever. And I don't know why the guy could really dance. And he had like a certain type of dance move where I was like, that's it. You know what I mean? I just think it's so cute. [00:17:00] And I picture it. It was either like a party or a wedding or something. And that they were, they marched to their own beat and were relatively like abstract and just. How they perceive the world, and we just had a lot of fun together, a little bit, yeah. And then I envisioned reconnecting with someone that I felt hurt by that.


COACH MIKE BAYER: I believe [00:17:30] we both have been hurt and have not had a chance to have a conversation with each other. And I pictured us connecting and it being healing for both of us. And I pictured for whatever reason. My word being trusted in general like that, I'm. Transparent to the point where I like my word, it's just my word, and I'm not trying to [00:18:00] get people to trust my word. It's just there's no manipulation to it. It's just me at my word, being trusted for whatever reason. And the reason I have to do this is you see how different our what we believe we want is, because in a lot of ways when we can't really connect. With the moment and like envisioning we kind of go for the surface stuff, you know, the stuff that sounds good, like less stress, more discipline. But [00:18:30] it's kind of like, OK, well, what is that look like? And the reality is. There's more fun for me and less stress when I'm actually helping people that are underprivileged and dancing and healing with people, that there's been issues in the past with an. And so that's why I like, you know, this morning, I [00:19:00] just think this is a better way of starting the day for me than just you know, consciously just going like I want less stress, you know, that doesn't really create a vision. That's not a vision, it's just an idea.


TONY DIRECTS: What was your experience like going to the for your first time ever, going to a refugee camp?


COACH MIKE BAYER: Well, it was it was shocking because I [00:19:30] couldn't believe other humans lived in a way like you know. I couldn't fathom somebody who lived in a house and lived a normal life with kids and a husband, normal in the sense of like what I believe families should have the opportunity to do. And then meeting women whose husbands have been killed [00:20:00] by ISIS and daughters weren't home any more, they were being sex trafficked in Syria and the sons were forced to join the military. And these people are removed from their homes two hours away and sitting in a refugee camp and you're like and there's millions of them. And so it's just like. Like, why aren't more people wanting to help other people, like I find selfishly it's such a spiritual, beautiful feeling to [00:20:30] create hope and lift other people up. And I, I, I just felt really like in this life, like, it's not because. It boosts my self-esteem, it's because it kind of boosts my spirituality, and it's not that I care about my own legacy, like I'm not a big legacy type guy. I think legacies are just stories and it's just how much of a story someone wants to say, it's like I want to have [00:21:00] the experience.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Of Creating. You know, doing some cool stuff. Because I'm not trying to be a billionaire. I'm not trying to be like some super rich dude, what I what I want to do is I want to be a part of an adventure to. Help other people feel better about their life so [00:21:30] that they can have a better life like that feeling to me, just as there's nothing really that replaces it. And I think to, you know, since, like, writing books and. Being on television, and I, I miss the, the miracles of being in the trenches with families like. I [00:22:00] don't miss working with, like, the Hollywood life in terms of crisis, what I miss is I miss working with, like the divorced mom and dad who have a son. Who's. Like homeless, not because I want people to be homeless, it's just I miss some of that, like, connection. And so in my mind, I'm like, OK, well, how can I take my years of experience and leverage all of what I've done [00:22:30] and all my resources? To create a bigger change, you know.


TONY DIRECTS: I love that. I feel like that should be maybe an upcoming book, The Experience and the.


COACH MIKE BAYER: Well, the first the whole reason this is this is the law of attraction, as they say, or what you believe is what you create, like why I ended up with a podcast or on television or writing books was because I had a vision, [00:23:00] for a vision for myself that I would be like my own brand and that I wouldn't need to try to get other. Like, because you're not the realities in this life is like. You know, in the world of social media, incredibility like. You know, people look at different humans as being more important or less important. I don't. I really don't. But [00:23:30] in with other governments, and if you want to work with, like, inner city, you know, if you're a more respected name, you're taken more seriously. You can have meetings with the people that can, you know, partner and collaborate and. I when I had that idea after visiting refugee camps of like, oh, my God, I want to I want to make the change happen, at first I thought I could have others [00:24:00] help me. And then I realized, well, no, why don't I just be the change? And that's kind of why I even like the last episode in this episode.


COACH MIKE BAYER: I'm like, I think people probably want to hear from me. And what I think and feel more than. Me just talking to other people, but I think I've kind of. Spend. A work in progress for me to get more and more comfortable with [00:24:30] just being. Oh, people want to hear what I have to say, it's not that I think I'm an impostor, it's just I think like sometimes I'm like, well, I don't I'm not thinking of the marketing of it all. I'm like, I don't I don't think about my when I think of, like, leveraging or building the brand. I'm not thinking about money. None of it's like, oh, my God, and then I'll make more money, you know, like it's more like. Oh, then I can have more impact [00:25:00] and I just I want to be myself through it all, and as soon as I feel like I'm not being myself, you've seen like I check out my.


TONY DIRECTS: And now I think not a lot of people can admit to that, but they don't that they don't do it for the money they do, it takes a lot of people do, do it for the money and


COACH MIKE BAYER: And there is nothing wrong with it








COACH MIKE BAYER: Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with it, I just whenever I've done it, I don't like I'm not a big business plan guy. I'm like a I like to create [00:25:30] and like I like to throw paint. And it's why even with this podcast, I was like, oh, my God, I can't just keep coming out on Tuesdays. I want to I want to record I want to be able to pop down like this and talk when I want to talk, like, why am I trying to fit into other structures that I end up feeling? Confused by and then I just get uninspired and then, but I don't like the reality is, look, I do. I want to make great money, but [00:26:00] it's not. It's to have cool experiences, it's not like I don't like I haven't really understood the point of like I don't sit there and envision extreme wealth because I know so many wealthy people that I would never want their life, nor do I feel like. There, I feel like a lot of them are they get really bored. You know, I know some really, really, really, [00:26:30] really rich people and their lives aren't better because of a lot of money. And what I don't understand is when people have a lot of money, like why am I the one trying to do something in Kurdistan when I don't like I have like, you know, one thousands or millions of what they have, like, why why don't people share their wealth? Because it's actually [00:27:00] such a good feeling like it doesn't make sense to me. Like, why, why is it so important to collect more money when your already could retire for the next and take care of everyone forever. Like I just I understand passion and being like really inspired to do stuff. But like, sometimes I'm just like, you know, what is the point? You're [00:27:30] not able to dance and have fun and create more stress. It's just not so anyways. But I think thanks for doing this with me this morning, Tony.






TONY DIRECTS: And definitely


COACH MIKE BAYER: To think about.


TONY DIRECTS: And definitely if the next time or when you go to refugee camp, I definitely want to come. Because I've been to something similar, I mean, not in a refugee camp, but I've been to [00:28:00] the Philippines where it was a huge wake up call,




TONY DIRECTS: So I would definitely












Yeah, I want to go back when I can actually do something because I don't want to like I want to bring impact, so that's what I'm kind of like. And to be honest, like that's where envisioning it then I feel like the dots start to connect. And in the reality is this is all free. Like what we did is free, doesn't [00:28:30] cost any money. It just takes getting out of your own way and taking the time. So thank you guys for listening to Always Evolving. Thank you, Tony Directs, for joining me. And let me know what you thought. Today's episode also share on Instagram. It's also super helpful if you tag me if you listen to this. So I know you're there, so I know I'm talking to someone and I can kind of see who I'm talking to, to and until next time, keep in magical. The [00:29:00] always evolving with Coach Mike Bayer podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a replacement or a substitution for any professional, medical, financial, legal or other advice, diagnosis or treatment. This podcast does not constitute the practice of medicine or any other professional service. The use of any information provided during this podcast is at the listeners own risk. For [00:29:30] medical or other advice appropriate to your specific situation please consult a physician or other trained professionals.